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Snap Pay Solutions provides businesses in Africa with payment infrastructure to receive payments from customers as well as enabling individuals to send and receive money across borders with ease, using our mobile money integration infrastructure.

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The current exchange rate is 1 KES = 28.52 UGX

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Here’s Top 4 reasons why using a Snap Pay to send money.

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Payments Across Africa.

Snap Pay Solutions E-commerce plugin provides a robust payment platform that offers protection to both buyers and sellers, ensuring that all transactions are safe and secure. This helps to build trust between buyers and sellers, which is essential in online commerce.
By using Snap Pay Solutions, sellers can enjoy a hassle-free payment experience, while buyers can shop with confidence knowing that their transactions are safe and secure.
“Empower your online business with Snap Pay Solutions - the secure and seamless payment platform for selling and scaling across Africa.”

Scale Across Africa with a Single Integration.

With a singular integration, the only thing limiting your business growth would be the size of your ambition.

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