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It is absolutely free to register an account.

Our platform has the capability to send money to your recipient in less than 30 seconds.

It is 100% safe to send money through Snap Pay since we neither hold your money nor let you have an E-Wallet account.

Snap Pay Solutions offers the lowest transfers costs in the market and we're on average 50% cheaper than most Fintechs.

Yes it can. You can register a Business account and send us your business KYC and we'll provide you a plugin that you'll link to your E-commerce website and sell your products across Africa.

When you're logged In, check under the transactions tab. You'll find all the transactions their and even download a statement within any time range you wish.

Snap Pay Solution is a self service platform that you can change your password without reaching out to support to help you out.

Very soon this feature will be rolled out where you can send money from your bank account after linking your Debit or Credit Card with our platform.

Yes. Snap Pay Solutions is responsive and can be accessed through our Mobile App, Website and mobile browser.

Yes you can. Snap Pay has the ability to let you cancel the transaction as it gives you 25seconds to confirm or reject the funds transfer from your phone.